Are you looking for ways to gather customer data efficiently and inexpensively?

Anyone without any technical skills can use our easy-to-use form builder to create, publish and share online forms in minutes. To help you get started, choose and customize form templates that suit your needs and you are good to go.

Borneosoft Online Forms provides 13 question types with flexible options to create any form your business needs. It includes table or spreadsheet with over 270 built-in formulas in financial, statistic, engineering, text, date, logical and general categories to auto calculate cell values. You can also add interactive online map, math equation, YouTube videos, and images to create content rich and informative online forms.

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Easy to use form builder

Do you need to accept online payment?

You simply select PayPal Express Checkout as payment method and configure its settings. Shipping, handling, and insurance fee and tax amount can be calculated using built-in formula. Using our online forms payment integration, you can accept online payment effortlessly.

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Online form with payment

Online forms shouldn't have to be boring.

Use tiled patterns or your own image as background and choose fonts from more than 800 beautifully crafted webfonts to make filling up your forms a pleasant experience for everyone. Select color for the user interface elements from over 100 themes to suit your preferences.

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Online forms with beautiful background and fonts

Do you need customized database for your organization?

You can build customized database by attaching online forms to user, contact, lead or other data items. To build your organization HR database, attach training, resume, performance appraisal and other HR related forms to user item. Submitted data from these forms are stored in the user database that HR personnel can use.

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Customized HR database using online forms