Are you spending too much time maintaining subscriber list for your email marketing?

Our email marketing tool automates the subscription and list management so you can focus on the content of your email marketing. To generate more leads, you can add option in your online forms for the respondent to subscribe to your email marketing newsletter.

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Email marketing list management

Targeted email marketing campaign to create stronger relationship with your customers.

With flexible filters, you can easily specify target audience of your email marketing campaign. Targeted email ensures that your audiences receive content that they are interested in.

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Targeted email marketing campaign using query to select target recipients

Reports and charts to help you measure and calibrate your email marketing campaign.

Real time data gives you instant view of bounce rate, view rate, click through rate, unique and repeated clicks that show how you're progressing toward your marketing campaign goals. Detailed report shows who has received and read the email, how many times each URL in your content is clicked and who clicks the URL so you can follow up and generate more leads.

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Email marketing performance chart