Do you find it hard to have bits and pieces of information in different places?

Our software platform provides complete suite of productivity tools: email, notes, calendar and task, shared documents, team sharing, and leave application. Emails, notes, events, tasks, or documents can be attached to contacts, leads, or opportunity, so you effortlessly know the context of the information.

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Easy to find related information

Collaborate with your team efficiently and effectively.

Besides sharing documents, you can also share contacts, leads, opportunities, online forms or other data items with the team so everyone is on the same page.

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Team sharing

Easy to find any information using simple phrases.

We build our search engine similar to popular web search engines to make it easy for you to search any information. You can search using simple phrases such as rating:hot to find leads in the hot rating category, or +jobtitle:manager +department:services to find contacts with job title manager and who work in services department.

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Fast search using web search engine