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Borneosoft Office Applications for every business


Make the most of your time and reduce the information ‘noise’ to stay focused on things that matter to you.


Context-based information.

Borneosoft Office Apps provides a complete suite of productivity tools: email, contact, notes, calendar and task, shared documents, and team sharing. With our Office Apps, you can attach emails, notes, events or tasks to your contact, so you only need to remember which contact to find all the related information. When your contact replies your email, the reply email is automatically stored into the contact’s related items.

Fast text-based search.

Borneosoft platform uses index based search engine similar to web search engine that you are familiar. Search using a keyword, phrases, or field-based filter. For example, use search phrase rating:hot to find leads in the hot rating category; +jobtitle:manager +department:sales to find contacts who is a manager in the sales department. You can also search using the wildcard such as firstname:jo* to find contacts with the first name that starts with jo.

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Team collaboration to get the work done faster.


Team sharing.

Team sharing is an integral part of Borneosoft Office Apps. Share your documents, contacts, leads, opportunities, events, or tasks with your team, so everyone is on the same page. You can control the access right to the shared items so you can manage information sharing properly.

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Transform your office paperwork to online process using Borneosoft Online Forms.


Online database.

With Borneosoft Online Forms you can create HR forms such as training, claim, performance appraisal, and employee profile forms for your team to submit online. Using our Online Forms is an easy and quick way to transform paper-based processes into the online process for your business to save a significant amount of time and cost from developing it on your own.

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