How to create effective online forms

Do you know how to avoid your customers not completing the online forms?


An online form has to be clear and concise. Remember that your users are in a hurry. They stop filling up form if they find it cumbersome and confusing.

Use informative heading that helps users know at a glance the purpose of the online form. Use simple questions with clear and easy to understand phrases or sentences. Avoid using unnecessary word/phrases. Keep your questions as short as possible without losing its clarity. There is no hard and fast rule how you should write your questions. Focus on simplicity but don’t try to be comprehensive.

One aspect that helps to achieve clarity and conciseness of online forms is to use conditional follow-up questions. Borneosoft Online Forms allows you to use different follow-up questions depending on the answer the user gives to a question. Users only see questions that are relevant to their situation.

Follow this link to see video clips of online forms that use conditional follow-up question.

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