Easy Connect-to-Stripe

To grant new permission for Stripe Card Payment payment method, in the form editor:

  1. Open the Payment Options tab and choose Stripe Card Payment as its payment method.

  2. In the Stripe Account account section, read the terms and select I agree and grant new permission for Stripe payment service button.

  3. In the secure popup window with a message 'You will be redirected to Stripe to log in to your Stripe account or to create a new Stripe account if you don't have one. Please follow the instruction to authorize the connection.' select Proceed button to go to the Stripe secure website.

  4. If you already have a Stripe account, click the Sign In and follow the instruction. If you are new to Stripe, you can create a Stripe account and authorize the permission:

  5. After you grant the permission, choose whether you want to use your Stripe merchant's contact in the payment receipt. If you select Yes, the form’s payment receipt uses your Stripe merchant's contact information for the business name, business URL, country,  support phone, and email.

  6. Your permission is now stored, and your merchant ID and account name are displayed in Stripe Account section. You do not need to Grant new permission to other forms again when you intend to use the permission given from this merchant account. To use previously stored permission, select Select Stripe Merchant ID button and select the merchant account in the selection drop down box. If you have more than one Stripe merchant account, you can also give permission using the other merchant account. A different form can use permission from another merchant account.

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