Flexible Online Forms and Payment Gateway

I have decided to accept online payments. What’s next?

Borneosoft Payment Gateway for Online Forms

When you pay your shopping items at your brick and mortar store, you swipe or insert your credit/debit card on the card reader terminal. The terminal verifies the card identity stored in the magnetic strip or the chip on the card and sends the card details together with the total amount you are paying for your shopping items to the merchant’s payment service provider. The payment service provider transmits the data to your bank and merchant’s bank and executes the payment transaction.

In the same way as in brick and mortar payment system, in an online payment system, you need online payment gateway instead of card reader terminal. The payment gateway sends customer and card details together with payment data to payment service provider.

The payment gateway may be part of payment application that provides the way customers enter their details, select items to purchase, auto-calculate the totals, many other functions required by your business. You have more flexibility to customize your customer buying experience when you use online payment system.

Borneosoft online forms provide flexible application and payment gateway to accept online payment. You can use our form builder to create online forms for your products or services. Your customers choose what they want, and the total amount is auto-calculated using our spreadsheet with over 270 built-in formulas.

The following link is a live example of how you can use online payment system for conference registration where attendees can choose the topics and specify the number of people to attend the networking dinner:

Example of Conference Registration Form

Follow this link to see video clips of accepting online payments using credit/debit card or PayPal.

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