Powerful WYSIWYG Form Builder/Editor,
a quick and easy way to create an online form in minutes

Do you know that you can create and publish beautiful online forms and accept payment in minutes and as easy as editing a word document?


You may already have soft copy forms in PDF or Word format but storing and searching the information is difficult and tedious tasks. You may even have the online versions of the forms, but they may have limited functionalities. You may also find that the applications do not have flexibilities to create the form layout the way you want it to be.

Borneosoft WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Form Builder provides familiarity with a word processor and powerful features to create beautiful online forms with flexible layout. With 13 types of question, each with its setting, you can virtually create any online forms that suit your needs. You can add conditional follow-up questions to give easier and better experience for your customers to fill-up the forms. Use the spreadsheet with over 270 built-in formulas to auto-calculate payment amount or other types of data. Set up online payment quickly in a few simple steps.

The following video shows how to create an example of monthly donation form with payment facility to accept a monthly donation. Select the link below the video to jump to the part of the video specified by the link.

Play: all, starting with a blank form, applying color theme and background, adding an open-ended question, using webfont for the whole form, resizing input field box of a question, adding mandatory email field, double-click to edit existing question, adding text to the page, previewing form, setting up payment (monthly subscription payment), sharing and publishing to the public, submitting the monthly subscription form

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