Borneosoft Online Forms
with Spreadsheet and over 270 Built-In Formulas

Are you looking for an online form that not only collects data but also manipulates and calculates data?

The benefit of spreadsheet to businesses is fairly obvious, spreadsheet allows you to enter data and formulas into its cells and the spreadsheet does the calculation for you. We use spreadsheet for a wide array of tasks, from basic administrative tasks to complex statistical and financial analysis.

Often, we need an online form with spreadsheet capability so that it is easier and quicker for the users to fill in the form. Spreadsheet helps our users auto-calculate discounts, sub totals, payment total, the sum of values, etc.

Borneosoft Online Forms provides spreadsheet with over 270 built-in formulas in financial, statistic, engineering, text, date, logical and general categories. Our spreadsheet offers innumerable ways to assist your customers in completing the form. You can combine it with online payment to provide a convenient way for your customers to pay for your products and services.

The following video shows a sample of conference registration form with a facility to pay conference fee using credit/debit card or PayPal. The conference fee depends on the number of topics the user selects. The user only needs to select the topics and the spreadsheet auto-calculates the fee including the applicable discounts. Our online forms also allow you to include user’s answers in the formula calculation. In this sample form, the user can choose to attend the conference networking dinner and our online form auto-calculates the total fee accordingly.

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Sample Conference Registration Form
with Spreadsheet to auto-calculate discounts and total fee
Try it or modify it for your own use

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