CRM with customizable customer database for every business

Borneosoft CRM for every business

Automate leads capturing and generate more leads using Borneosoft Online Forms.


Forms integration.

Our CRM shares the database with our Online Forms. Your site visitors can fill in the forms such as contact or information request form. When the visitors submit the forms, the data is stored directly into the CRM database, so you can avoid manual data entry to do what matters.

Flexibility in capturing leads.

With Borneosoft Online Forms integration, capturing leads is no longer limited only through the contact form. You can capture the leads when your site visitors order your products and services or request for information. You can create a form to offer giveaways for your site visitors to capture the visitors’ data and generate more leads. The possibilities are endless.
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Track your interaction with your customer efficiently.


Integrated productivity tools.

You can attach emails, notes, documents, reminders, tasks to your contacts, sales leads or opportunities to track your interactions efficiently and ensure they are followed up properly. Our flexible calendaring allows you to schedule reminders of your appointments or events the way you want it. Use the automated RSVP when you set up meeting so participants can indicate their attendance promptly and conveniently.

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Get an insight of your sales with reports and charts.


Real-time sales data.

Our CRM lets you filter your leads using simple search phrase such as 'rating:hot' or 'stage:verbal' to assist you in getting an accurate assessment of your sales process. Real-time sales funnel chart helps you choose proper actions to improve conversion rate.

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