Payment gateway to accept online payment

What is payment gateway, is it the same as payment service provider?

You can think payment gateway as the online version of POS (point-of-sale) system in the retail environment. When you buy something at the shop, you swipe your credit/debit card to the card reader, and the reader sends the payment data to payment service provider to complete the transaction. In the same way, payment gateway provides the input fields, sends payment data to payment service provider securely for online users. Payment service provider processes the payment data and transmits the data to your bank and your customer’s bank to complete the payment.

Payment service provider may or may not have the payment gateway. To use its payment services, most payment service provider provides API (application programming interface) for the merchant to send payment data and complete the transaction securely. You can develop the payment gateway yourself using the provided API. 

If you do not wish to develop it yourself, you can use Borneosoft online forms that provide the payment gateway for Stripe (credit/debit card payment) and PayPal Express Checkout.

Follow this link to see video clips of accepting online payments using credit/debit card or PayPal.

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