Is online payment secure?

Do you know that you can accept online payment securely in a cost-effective way, quickly and easily?


Is online payment secure? It depends on the specific digital payment mechanism you are using. If you are paying something online and the merchant stores the credit card and uses it to charge your credit card in the future, this would not be secure.

For anyone to be able to process payment securely, they must be PCI compliant. There are set of rules and steps for anyone/company to be compliance with the standard.

If you are a buyer, with good security measure on buyer’s part such as using a proper password and not sharing account; paying online through PayPal, Stripe or other PCI compliant payment service provider should be considered secure.

If you are planning to accept online payment, the first step would be to open an account with payment service provider. The account could be a PayPal business account or Stripe account. You need to know how you can use the payment service provider API if you want to integrate it into your website.

Fortunately, you can use our online forms that provide you with online payment facility without requiring you to know anything about payment integration. To enable online payment for your online form, you only need to select the payment service provider and give permission for our application to send payment data to the payment service provider. 

Try it live: Conference Registration Form with online payment or modify it for your own use.

Enabling Payment for Online Forms -
Selecting Payment Service Provider and Giving Permission

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