We help every business in generating more leads, collecting customer data, accepting credit/debit card or PayPal payment, subscription/recurring payment and conditional payment by providing easy to use online forms, CRM, and email marketing apps that anyone can use.

We provide easy to use form builder/editor that anyone can use to create online forms. Our powerful form builder supports credit/debit card and PayPal payment, conditional follow-up questions, a spreadsheet with over 270 built-in formulas, email notification, download submitted form, more than 800 web fonts, over 100 color themes, interactive maps, math equation, YouTube videos, templates, and many other useful form widgets. No matter how simple or complex your forms, our form builder/editor helps you make your online forms functional and beautiful.

We provide tools that help you get more leads, track interactions with contacts and properly follow up. Set up reminder and you never miss to follow up your leads. Use our automatic RSVP to set up a meeting, and the participants no longer need to call you to confirm their attendance. Do away with sending invoice manually and use our online forms to receive instant online payment.

We help you avoid unnecessary work to synchronize data between different tools. We provide CRM, online forms, email marketing, leave management and productivity tools in a single platform inexpensively for your business. Using our integrated platform, you can set the online feedback form to create a new contact in your CRM when someone gives feedback on your products or services.

We know how important support is for every business. You need a solution to your problem, or you have new requirements for your business, we want to ensure that you get the solution you want to the best of our ability.

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