Save and Resume Online Forms Submission

Have you ever wished to be able to continue your online form submission later because you have no time to complete it in one go? 

Many of us have encountered filling up online forms with many questions or questions that require some information that we don’t have it handy. It would be unpleasant experience midway through the questions to abandon the submission because we can’t save it and to continue later. Your users wouldn’t be happy either to be in such a situation.

Borneosoft Online Forms allows you to create online forms with a facility to save and resume the submission later. Simply enable the option in the form editor and you can avoid the annoyance to your users and reduce the submission abandonment. 

Take a look at this short clip how your users can save the form submission and can come back through the given link to complete and submit the form.

Online Form with Save and Resume Function
Try it or modify it for your own use

Play: All, Filling up form partially and saving it as draft, Use the link to load previously saved form and resume form submission


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