Chapter Quarterly Report

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Secular Events

Events to include in this section are non-CMA events such as poker runs, biker rallies, secular club meetings and events, etc. 


Outreach Events

Events in this section should include events that are designed and arranged specifically for ministry (i.e. prison visits, nursing home visits, biker blessings, etc.)



Events to include in this section are Chapter meetings, chapter Bible studies and chapter rides , chapter officers’ meetings, CMA national and Regional events (i.e. Seasons of Refreshing, National and Regional Rallies) and chapter fellowship events such as member birthday parties, chapter Christmas parties, etc.


Offerings given to the chapter: 

Month 1 (Jan, April, July, or Oct)

Month 2 (Feb, May, Aug, or Nov)

Month 3 (March, June, Sept, or Dec)

Chapter weaknesses

Chapter strengths

General Comments

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