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Borneosoft + Stripe
Accepting online payment has never been easier with Borneosoft payment forms.

Borneosoft Smart Forms help you accept registration and online payment

With Borneosoft Online Forms, you can:

Create and publish online forms in minutes. No coding is required.

Set up credit or debit card and PayPal payment facility in your online order forms in few simple steps.

Give your customers facility to automatically pay subscription or recurring fee so they will have one less bill to watch.

Use spreadsheet and formulas in a table to automatically calculate payment total and discount.

Provide vouchers to your customers to use them on the online forms during your product promotion and marketing campaign.

Make filling up online forms easier, quicker and more intuitive with conditional logic.

Organize your long forms into separate section using multi-tabs online forms to make it easy to complete the form submission.

Set up email notification to yourself and external email addresses to timely follow-up your customers’ form submissions.

Make responsive forms without additional steps. Your online forms always look good in desktop, tablet, and phone.

Choose from hundreds of form templates in various categories to create your custom online forms.

And much more …. 


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Borneosoft Smart Forms integrate with CRM, Newsletter, and productivity tools

Work smarter, not harder.

Using seamless integration of Online Forms, CRM, Newsletter, Productivity Tools, and Leave Management,
you can:

Generate more leads and store the leads data in the CRM database effortlessly.

Create an opt-in form to send the newsletter for your email marketing campaign.

Use email, notes, calendar, and task to free up your time to do work that matters.

Use leave management to provide accurate leave balance and days taken and make it easy to apply and approve online.

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