Easy to use
and web based
Online Forms, CRM
and Newsletter
on a single
integrated platform

Create Online Forms in minutes!

Boost sales with customer information at your fingertips

Create stunning Newsletter and grab bigger audience beyond print Ads

Use online leave system and
free up more time to do what really matters

Don't get left behind in Cloud Revolution.
Join today using Borneosoft Online Apps!

Borneosoft Online Apps is a cloud-based application suite that helps your business to connect with customers
and provides tools for you and your team to work smarter and focus what matters most.

Go paperless

Online Forms

Anyone can create online forms using our easy to use, web based form editor. No programming or database skill is required. Using our unique search engine, it's easier than ever to search information from the submitted forms. No more manual paper works!

Focus on customer

Cloud CRM

With easy access to customer-level CRM data, your sales team will be well equiped to win the sales. Our automatic quotation generation helps freeing up more time for the salespeople to do the core sales functions.

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Spread the word online

Newsletter for Online Marketing Campaign

With our automated online marketing campaign, you can reach out and engage your existing and new customers to create valued environments that benefits them and keeps pulling them back to buy your products and services.

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Reduce overhead

Leave Management

By applying or approving leave online in a few simple steps, your staff are freed up from the paperwork to focus on their job. It provides configurable settings that suit your company leave policy.

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Stop the mess

Cloud Folders

By providing centralized document storage in the cloud for your staff where documents can be shared easily to users or teams, you stop the duplication and provide easy access, anywhere, anytime.

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Increase productivity

Collaboration and Productivity Tools

Complete collaboration and productivity tools: email with antivirus and spam check, calendar with automated RSVP, task, contact, team and user management.

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Meet the new Webtop

State of the art Webtop Environment

Runs on state-of-the-art modern cloud app that supports multi-window Webtop Environment. All applications runs on a single browser page that is friendly to touch device.

More about Cloud Webtop

Find information fast

State of the art Webtop Environment

Our platform uses similar technology with those used in popular web search engines making it lightning fast.

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